Welcome ! Here is conditions and informations about the tandem jump (two-seater).

If these conditions are not met, you may be denied the day of the jump.

● 10 min briefing on the ground, 15 min airplane flight up to 4000 meters (except binding event).
● Then 50 seconds of freefall at 200 km/h !
● You will be carried on an air cushion and enjoy an unforgettable sensation!
● Opening of the parachute triggered by your monitor at 1500 m. About 7 min under parachute.
● Video and photos avalaible
● The dates in August are very popular, prefer to come in July !

Medical certificate of no contra-indication to the practice of skydiving.
● Certificates for other sports are refused.
● To fill out before bringing it to your doctor : sample medical certificate.
In any French practitioner, valid 1 year.
● Do not send it, bring it with you on the day of the jump.
● This certificate will allow you to subscribe to a compulsory insurance license of the French Federation of Parachuting, free, valid for one jump, established at the reception on the day of the jump : licences-insurances and medical-area

Be 15 years or older.
● Written permission from both parents for minors.
Weigh less than 90kg (men) or less than 80kg (women).
● Don't come without have eat, no alcohol or narcotics, do not be pregnant.
● Do not have diving 48h in advance.
Plan half-day (variable waiting time, weather ...).
Bring sneakers (no hooks), for the rest: shorts and T-shirts accepted.
● We provide over-glasses, lenses accepted.

● Appointment times (presentation at the reception desk) : 8.30 am, 10.00 am or 3.30 pm.
To block your appointment you will have to pay a advance payment of 60 € per person, non refundable if you cancel.
Contact-us for rates and booking. You will then receive the information for the payment of the advance payment. Remains to pay the day of the jump.
If it is a gift: fill in the form leaving the date and time blank, pay the advance payment or the totality and the person concerned will contact us to make an appointment.
You can download your gift voucher : (valid for 2 years, is not a proof of purchase).
● Up to three tandems on the same plane (with two vidéos max).
● Only those who jump can board the plane.
● Please reserve as soon as possible seats are limited.
● Accepted payments : CB, check, cash.
● Discount for a minimum of 10 people.

In case of cancellation on your part the advance payment will not be refunded. But if your unavailability is related to Covid, the advance payment or any payment can be refunded, or if you provide us with a medical certificate declaring you unfit for skydiving.
In case of bad weather : we agree another appointment.
● In the plane, in case of refusal of the client's jump, only part of the tandem will be reimbursed.
● The club and its instructors reserve the right to cancel or postpone a jump due to bad weather conditions, for reasons of insufficient safety or for any other case of force majeure. This cancellation or deferral can take place just before take-off or during the flight.
● In addition, the tandem pilot reserves the right to reduce the height of parachuting in case of binding events (weather, technical problems, etc.).
● He may refuse any person whom he considers unsuitable for the jump.

● Your jump can be immortalized in HD video and / or digital photos!
● A videoman you film as soon as the equipment, in the plane and accompanies you during your fall and the landing!
● Your film of approximately 10 minutes is provided to you by email. You will also find your photos if you took this option!
● You will also have the option to take the video V.I.P : a handheld camera in addition to the videoman for shooting and an even more complete editing!
● It is not possible to take your onboard camera with you when you fall.
● Choose to take a video on site.

● Bar-restaurant open all day.
● Your family and friends can accompany you.
● Beach at 2 min by car.
Access map