Welcome ! Here is information about the PAC formation (Accompanied Progression in Fall).

If these conditions are not met, you may be denied the internship.

● The PAC allows you to fly on your own!
● This training contains 6 accompanied jumps at 4000m over a period of 5 days minimum. Monday is dedicated to theory, you chain the jumps for the next 4 days.
● The first jump is accompanied by 2 monitors, the nexts by a single if your progress allows you.
● Radio guidance under sail.
● Your video will be send to you by email.

Medical certificate of no contra-indication to the practice of skydiving.
● Certificates for other sports are refused.
● To fill out before bringing it to your doctor : sample medical certificate.
In any French practitioner, valid 1 year.
● Do not send it, bring it with you on the day of the jump.
● This certificate will allow you to subscribe to a compulsory insurance license of the French Federation of Parachuting : licences-insurances and medical_area
● If you are between the ages of 15 and 16, you must provide the doctor with a hand-wrist shot to determine bone age. If the bone age is less than 15 years, the candidate will be declared unfit.

● Mandatory license - insurance of the French Parachuting Federation, established at the reception on the first day of the week
● Not included in our PAC rates. Rates according to the duration, your age and options.
See licenses rates
● See licenses infos : licences-insurances and medical-area

Be 15 years or older.
● Written permission from both parents for minors.
Weigh less than 90kg for men or less than 80kg for women.
● No alcohol or narcotics, do not be pregnant.
● Do not have water-dive 48h in advance.
Bring sport sneakers with cushioning (running style), for the rest: we provide combinations and small equipment (helmet, altimeter and sunglasses).

● Appointment times (presentation at reception): 09:00 on a Monday outside of August (except the last one).
To block your appointment you will have to pay a advance payment of 500€ per person, non refundable* if you cancel.
Contact-us for rates and booking. You will then receive the information for the payment of the advance payment. Remains to pay the week of the courses.
● Depending on your progress additional PAC jumps (165€), or additional instructor (130€) may be required.
● Equipment rental deposit: 500€ (on site by credit card or check).
● Solo jumps after PAC: plane seat 31€, canopy rental per jump 8€, packing 6€.
● Only those who jump can board the plane.
● Accepted payments: CB, check, cash.
● Reservations are compulsory, as soon as possible, places are limited.

In case of cancellation on your part the advance payment will not be refunded. But if your unavailability is related to Covid, the advance payment or any payment can be refunded, or if you provide us with a medical certificate declaring you unfit for skydiving.
If the weather does not allow you to finalize your internship : we agree to another appointment if possible. Otherwise, you only pay for the jumps and prices.
● In the plane, in case of refusal of the client's jump, only part of the tandem will be reimbursed.
● Ecole de Parachutisme du Valinco and its instructors reserve the right to cancel or postpone a jump due to bad weather conditions, for reasons of insufficient safety or for any other case of force majeure. This cancellation or deferral can take place just before take-off or during the flight.
● In addition, the tandem pilot reserves the right to reduce the height of parachuting in case of binding events (weather, technical problems, etc.).
● He may refuse any person whom he considers unsuitable for the jump.

● Bar-restaurant open all day.
● Your family and friends can accompany you.
● Beach at 2 min by car.
Access map